The Secret History of the Writer Cave

The writer cave is… COMPLETE. (Okay, there’s still a thing I have to figure out. Oh, and I should probably install a wall heater at least before next winter. But.) There’s a floor and decent windows and it’s painted and… here’s a picture:


From before I did the molding and unpacked everything:



When we moved in, this was a converted garage with a very moldy carpet laid directly on concrete. It had what I now refer to as “prison windows” whose bottom sill sat about 6 inches above my eye level. You can get a general idea from the move-in pic here, and then an in-progress pic from after the pouring of new concrete and before the installation of new window:



I am NOT Mr. Home Improvement Guy. Never done anything more complicated than mud up a hole in drywall. So this was a huge project and I had no idea where to start

With the help of a contractor who actually knew what he was doing, I removed the windows and shut up the holes, then added two vinyl windows I bought off Craigslist that are actually at eye level. He did the work of moving the electrical outlet, but I am confident in saying that I could probably install a window without help now.

I poured a self-leveling concrete floor that… didn’t level. So I had to do a bit more concrete. And of course I screwed up the drywall and a number of other things, but finally, this last week, got it painted and got the click-lock laminate floor installed.

I’m amazed how much work it was, and how much money. But also proud. Funny story: much of it was financed by short story sales. What did you do with your funds from writing, Spencer? Made a place to write in.

Now to unpack my books! Yay!


Uh… there are most books here…


And the finishing touch, of course.