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Music Monday (It’s Still Monday Somewhere!)

My band of a few years ago went through this failed democratization process. We all agreed that everyone would get a chance to present one song to everyone else each practice, and we would make a good faith effort to learn the songs.

Our drummer, out of some sadistic impulse, proposed Squeeze’s “Tempted” as the first democratized cover. It could have been the ten billion different chords, or it could have been the lines about toothbrushes and socks, or the way we kept inappropriately singing, “Tempted by the fruit of your brother…” to the point where our singer couldn’t remember the right words, but… it did not work out. The song has made me shudder every since.

Until I saw this low-fi, punky version by OK GO for the AV Club’s Undercover! Holy crap! I absolutely love this version! I love the sleepy vocals, the bare-bones instrumentation, even that weird synth in the chorus. Toothbrushes ho!