Second Novel Freeze-Up

I’m not sure what “Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out” is about, but I can give a stab at my own version of the lyrics:

Teardrops on the manuscript

Writer’s searching for his groove

Seems like the whole world’s writing pretty

And you can’t get this draft to move

Something something, Second Novel Freeze-Up.

(Baby We Were Born to Run-on Sentence?)

If you, Faithful Blog Reader (hi Mom) have noticed that my blog is not so much like a blog lately, and more like one of those abandoned gas stations in the Mojave Desert… yeah.

I sold a trilogy last year, and I had only written the first one. Turns out it’s hard to write the next one while you’re in the middle of selling the thing. And signing contracts. And a nightmare of an election. And and…

There’s a playful kid in my head, who makes explody noises even when he’s trying not to, who will always and forever need some Star Wars toys to bash together (shh, it’s perfectly healthy for a grown man to have a collection of toys).  For years that kid has been like, “I play, you make something out of them, the money gets me more toys.”

All of the sudden, me and the kid were over that big hump–here we had an agent and editor & first book deal, with a tight deal to turn in the second and third books and the kid SCREAMED. And hid under the bed. And said STOP LOOKING AT ME.

This was not the plan, kid. You were supposed to be a fire hose of inspiration always. I was just trying to tap into your madness.

So the beginning of Book 2 was… not great. Not in any of the three incarnations I wrote before I just forced myself to finish it. As I got into the middle, the kid came out of hiding, wiped his tears, changed his pants and started playing again. But you will not be surprised to hear that, now that we have rough drafts of Books 2 & 3, I am rewriting the entire beginning of Book 2. And having more fun this time.

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The Kid needs more toys. Come on now. Sign on up.