Book Release Shenanigans!

I am home after a whirlwind tour of Washington & Oregon, with a few events yet to do, and overall… it was great!

I’ve released a book.


First event was at University Bookstore on August 25th, with a great turnout thanks to Duane’s tireless efforts to promote the book & the events. I read. I quizzed the audience on space opera. We ate space bug cookies. A SPLENDID TIME.

IMG_7138 IMG_7139 IMG_7140


Next, I went off to Oregon to read and sign with the incomparable Wendy Wagner. We wandered around Salem in hundred-degree heat, and wobbled around Eugene in slightly less heat looking for chocolate, stayed in a super-hippie hostel where they had musical instruments just lying around for the playing.
Salem reading IMG_7108

I also signed all the stock of A RED PEACE at Powell’s, and I have to say… I might have cried a little when I walked into Powell’s and saw my book on the shelf.

21317419_10107644554423500_2942368722122681045_n 21271296_10107644554802740_6276525304587098345_n (1)

And they had a lot! Uh… if you’re in Portland, please buy one!



Finally, I made my victorious conquest of Village Books in Bellingham. And oh, what a conquest it was. Cory Skerry and my best gal Chrissy built a ridiculous quiz. If I answered the questions right, I got to win my Transformers back. If the audience answered right when I failed, they got prizes.

THIS WAS NOT FAIR. Especially since the questions included such gems as “which planet would you eat if you were a space spider?” Who could choose? They all look so tasty.

At least Cory drew me as a space spider to remove the sting of almost losing my robot toys.

IMG_7142 IMG_7141IMG_7143 IMG_7144 And there it is. Right there on the shelf in my home bookstore.

It never gets old. I know books are focused on ebook/POD and I won’t see it in many bookstores, but just a few bookstores is enough to set my little heart racing. When I was 13, I decided I wanted to write and promptly started a goooooooooooood-awful novel called Starfire: The Last Jorian. Other than a few names, it bears nothing in common with A RED PEACE, but I envisioned this moment then, and it’s nice to see the work pay off.