SHADOW SUN SEVEN Has Landed! With A Squishy Bug Sound!

BEHOLD!!! Starfire: Shadow Sun Seven, the second book in the trilogy, hits the stands today.

Let’s see that cover, by Sparth, again.


As for the book itself, a little excerpt from the interview:

Shadow Sun Seven is about a caper through the guts of a space tick. Because…I’m gross. The purpose of said caper: to rescue a prisoner who knows secrets that could undo the reign of John Starfire, which began in A Red Peace.

The first book was all chase. Jaqi, our ne’er-do-well smuggler, was running from Araskar’s division of soldiers. But in Shadow Sun Seven, you get to see our heroes fight back, make some dirty deals, and sneak around, steal stuff, lurk in disguise, and fight, of course.

Oh, and they crawl through the guts of a giant space tick. In case you forgot.

I answered some questions about the book over here, and also blabbed about it a bit in this interview with the Unreliable Narrators podcast. And I talk about bugs in general at here.

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