In Which I Shamefully Admit I Had An Okay Year

I’m terribly sorry, because I’m supposed to hate 2016… but I had an okay year personally. My writing career went great. I got an agent and a book deal. I wrote a book on contract, which was such a different headgame that I haven’t been able to even blog about it! (Spoiler: it feels like trying to write under a microscope.) I finished another unrelated novel, and have started the third one in my series.

I also sold a number of stories as reprints, though I didn’t sell any original short stories this year: The Child Support of Cromdor The Condemned to Lightspeed, The Fires of Mercy to Flame Tree Press, About The Bear to Spirit’s Tincture, Five Tales of the Aqueduct to Strange California, The Ifrit’s Trial to FarFetchedFables. Blade And Branch and Stone, formerly of Heroic Fantasy Quarterly, will also run at Podcastle sometime in the new year, and a novelette that bought way back in the innocent times of 2015 should be up in March.


I continue to like my job at Northwest Indian College, even when some of my favorite people retired or found greener fields.

On a personal note, though, my health is not good. As happens to many celiacs, I started to get sick no matter what I ate. I spent all of January-April of 2016 sick and tired, until I tried the Whole 30 diet and cut out soy, corn, and most sugars from my diet (gluten and dairy have been gone for years).  The rest of the year was a little better, but I am learning how tough it is to live entirely without cookies, candy, cake and ice cream. So far there’s no real solution for me other than to eat carefully. I’m having trouble getting in to see any specialists. Gastrointestinal people tend to be booked 4-6 months out.

I did a ton of home remodels. I now have a nice office to write in, a nice rec room to… rec… and a completely remodeled bathroom that ididntwanttoremodeldamnwaterdamagegrumblegrumble…

As for the world around me… well shit. We’re facing World War II levels of far-right fascist uprising, and this time, they’re coming from inside my country. Often from people I care about who were suckered by years of propaganda masquerading as “fair and balanced news.”

It’s hard to write like this. I don’t hole up and write to process; I like going out with friends and playing loud punk rock when I’m angry. (Current emotions: anger, anger and anger.) It takes me about three months to properly process any emotions for writing. And as of November 8th, I had just under three months to finish writing my space opera trilogy.

I haven’t hit on any great techniques for writing with EMOTIONS, so if you have any to suggest, send em my way.

Oh yeah, and one more writing-related thing…


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