Hey people who read this blog! I have been trying to finish a book, a process about which I have MANY THOUGHTS. Most of those thoughts are OHMYSWEETMONKEYTEATS



BUT in the meantime, my story “Five Tales of the Aqueduct,” which originally appeared in the Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, is in the Strange California anthology.

The story is a paean to Palmdale, where I grew up. If you haven’t heard of Palmdale, yeah, there’s a reason for that. It’s north of the LA area, north of Vasquez Rocks, the desolate area that serves as an alien planet for every classic Trek episode. That’s the part of California where no one goes. And there isn’t any water there naturally. Governor Pat Brown’s massive California Aqueduct irrigation project brought water down from Mount Shasta all the way to my house, creating The Concrete River On The Hill, along with Lake Palmdale.


The aqueduct always felt a little strange and alien. It was a giant river! On a hill! In the desert! As teenagers, we’d crawl through the teeny little drainage tunnels underneath it, hike along it and… uh, definitely never went swimming, nope that’d be dangerous and why would teenagers do anything dangerous…

So I celebrated the weirdness of water in dry places with this weird story. I’m absolutely thrilled that it was picked up for this anthology, which highlights a number of other weird things about California.


Not yet is it paid!

We have a few more days to go, and a little bit to go to make our Kickstarter goal. So if you have a few bucks, please throw it at the Kickstarter.